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Real estates for sale in Szőce
(Hungary, Vas county)

Who can buy it?

Much of the area is located within the settlement's administrative boundaries, as well as property that is not under cultivation, therefore, it can be purchased by foreign nationals or companies as well.


Distance from Austria: 26 km, Slovenia 32 km, Croatia: 40 km
Closest major towns and cities: Körmend (12 km), Szombathely (38 km), Zalaegerszeg (26 km), Graz (113 km), Fürstenfeld (54 km)
The population of the village is approximately 400 people. Local inhabitants are predominantly engaged in agriculture, or commute to work in Austria.
Inhabitants are Roman Catholic and Hungarian. The first German, Dutch and Austrian families have already settled in the village.

Size of the real estate for sale

1.   29.753 m2, the area is a crossed by a stream with constant water levels and clean water (with crayfish). The land is grassy with trees along the stream.
2.   16.547 m2, slightly sloping, 40% of the area comprises groves and trees, the rest is arable land.

Important features

  • The area is surrounded by a national park, with clean air. The existence of the national park does not pose any major restrictions. The area within a distance of 2 metres from the water surface of the stream may not be built up on either side.
  • Both real estates are suitable for building, however, currently there are no buildings on either of them. General site coverage allowed: 20%.
  • Electricity, water and gas mains, sewage conduits, as well as broadband internet are available on the edge of the area.
  • Up until this day, plans have been prepared for a 40 room pension and 3 guesthouses equipped with all conveniences.
  • The area is absolutely suitable for touristic development (hiking, cycling, children’s camps), as well as agricultural activities (horse-breeding, raising of other livestock, cultivation of plants).

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